A Salvage Excavation near Tel Tanim

Gil Tsioni

During September-October 2000, a salvage excavation was conducted on the lower part of a ridge north of Tel-Tanim in Hahula valley. The excavation, on behalf of the HYPERLINK "http://maritime.haifa.ac.il/"Recanati Institute of Maritime Studies of the University of Haifa and the Archaeological Engineering Services (AES) Company, Ltd., was directed by G. Tsioni, assisted by S. ‘Ad (artifact illustration).
The excavation has reveled scant architectural remains dated to the Early Bronze II Age as well as typical northern pottery of that period. About half of it made of metallic ware. Due to the nature of the exposed areas it is hard to depict the nature of the site and define its stratigraphy. However, it was suggested that the remains are of a rural village or, in case Tel Tanim was habituated at that period, remains of near Tel installations and activities. Few flint artifacts indicate the site was inhabited intermittently prior to the Early Bronze Age.
The excavation support previous works where prosperity of settlement in Hahula valley during the Early Bronze II Age was suggested, following a gap during the later part of the Early Bronze I Age and the previous to dwindling in numbers of small scale settlements during the Early Bronze III Age.

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