A Salvage Excavation at Ramat-HaHayal, Tel Aviv

Shalom Yanklevitz

In February 1997 a salvage excavation has been carried out at Ramat-HaHayal, Tel Aviv (map reference 134350/168600 – 134600/168570). Two areas have been excavated. The finds in area A (5X4 meter, located in Harugey HaMalchut Street) included two wall foundations with abutting floor fragments and a pit that cut through these floor fragments. The modest amount of ceramics and glass fragments collected dates the floors to 8th-9th centuries B.C.E.
Burial cave of the Intermediate Bronze Age, cutting into soft Kurkar stone, was excavated in area B (located in HaGolan Street). Few intact vessels as well as fragments of others were collected. These belong to the known types of the period at the Yarkon river area.
At the end of the excavation both excavations areas were recovered to enable further construction at the site.

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